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Timotheus Aelurus of Alexandria view the social network for this person / group

Gender male
Lifetime mid fifth century (from: --/--/460 to: --/--/460)
Lifetime Notes
Biographical Notes
  • Exiles

    Exile 1

    Exile Date 460 - ? (from: --/--/460 to: --/--/--)
    Sent From Alexandria [Alexandria]
    Exiled To Gangra [Çankırı]
    Returned unknown
    Sources Gelasius, Gesta de nomine Acacii (CSEL 35, n. 99:446); Theodorus (Anagnostes) Lector, historia ecclesiastica 380 (GCS N.F. 3:107); Zacharias, historia ecclesiastica 4.7--12, 5.1 (CSCO 83:178-86, 109-211; CSCO 87:124, 128-129, 145); Evagrius, historia ecclesiastica 2.8-11 (SC 542:294); Theophanes, AM 5951-2 (De Boor: 111-112); Michael Syrus 9.1; Collectio Avellana 56.2 (CSEL 35:125); Liberatus, Breviarium 16 (ACO 2.5:125);

    Exile 2

    Exile Date after 454 - c. 457 (from: --/--/454 to: --/--/457)
    Sent From Alexandria [Alexandria]
    Exiled To Taposiris [Alexandria]
    Returned yes
    Sources Iohannes Rufus, Vita Petr. Ib. 92 (edited by C. B. Horn & R. R. Phenix Jr., John Rufus: The Lives of Peter the Iberian, Theodosius of Jerusalem, and the Monk Romanus, Atlanta 2008, 5-281)