A database on exiled clerics in late antiquity, exploring their legal circumstances, experiences, social connections, spatial worlds and memory. The database contains 497 exile cases, 1178 persons/groups, and 422 locations.

Keyword Search

Enter a keyword to search across the entire Clerical Exile database.

Results from a generic keyword search display a list of exile cases in which the keyword appears. For example, a generic search for ‘bishop’ will display all exile cases in which bishops feature either as exiles themselves or as contacts of exile.

We record data on individual exile cases, from the pronouncement of exile or escape from arrest to the (potential return) of exiled cleric(s). Data include: information on legal detail, geographical locations, chronology of activities of exiled cleric(s), exiled clerics’ religious status, office and religious affiliation (including changes), an exiled clerics’ writing, and the veneration of exiled clerics as saints. We also record information on an exiled clerics’ types and qualities of social relationships during the time of exile. The database therefore does not only contain prosopographical information on exiled clerics, but on all individuals and groups with contact to the exiled cleric, and on the relationships between exiled clerics’ contacts.