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Exile Exile Date Sent From Went To Returned Relationships Office Sources
Alexander Acoemetes (male) early fifth century (from: --/--/420 to: --/--/430)
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c. 420 - ? (from: --/--/420 to: --/--/--) Antiochia/Theoupolis [Antakya] Chalcis ad Belum [Qinnasrin] unknown
magister militum in Antioch
  • magister militum per orientem (c. 520)
Theodotus of Antioch
  • Bishop (c. 420)
brethrens of Alexander Acoemetes
  • Monk (c. 420)
municipal guards
  • (c. 420)
Vita Alexandri Acoemeti 41-2 (PO 6:690-91)

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