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Exile Cases

Exile Exile Date Sent From Went To Returned Relationships Office Sources
Mar Aba I (male) mid sixth century, died 2/552 (from: --/--/540 to: --/2/552)
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c. 544 - c. 551 (from: --/--/544 to: --/--/551) Ctesiphon [Al-Mada'in] Adurbadagan [Iranian Azerbaijan] yes
Chosroes I
  • Sasanian king (c. 544 - c. 551)
J.B. Chabot (ed.), Synodicon orientale ou recueil de synodes nestoriens (Paris: 1902), p. 318-19, 353 P. Bedjan (ed.), Histoire de Mar Jabalaha et des trois autre patriarches (Paris: 1895), p. 206-274

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