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Exile Cases

Exile Exile Date Sent From Went To Returned Relationships Office Sources
46 Bishops from the Vandal Kingdom (male) late fifth century (from: --/--/484 to: --/--/484)
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484 - ? (from: --/--/484 to: --/--/--) North Africa [North Africa] Corsica [Corsica] unknown
  • King of the Vandals (December 484)
  • King of the Vandals (December 484)
Victor of Vita, historia persecutionis, 3.20; Notitia Provinciarum et Civitatum Africae, ed. C. Halm, Historia persecutionis Africanae provinciae, MGH, AA, III.I (Berlin, 1879), pp.63-71, recapitulatory table; Victor of Tunnuna, chronica, a.479; Laturculus Regum Vandalorum et Alanorum, 9, MGH AA 13, p.459.

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