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Exile Cases

Exile Exile Date Sent From Went To Returned Relationships Office Sources
Donatianus presbyter (male) Date: Unknown
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446? (from: --/--/446 to: --/--/--) Madauros [M'daourouch] no
ILAlg-01, 02759 = ILCV 01601a = AE 1916, 00082 = AE 2007, +00127 Donatianus pr(e)sb(yter) / in exilio pro fide ca/t(h)olica hic aput col(oniam) Mad(auros) / relegatus recessit die / Nonas Apriles anno VII Kartha/g(i)n(is) vixit annis XCVI
Liberatus presbyter (male) Date: Unknown
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after 439? (from: --/--/439 to: --/--/--) Madauros [M'daourouch] no
ILAlg-01, 02760 = ILCV 01601b = AE 1916, 00083 = AE 2007, +00127 Presbyter Libe/ratus pro fide / cat(h)olica in exsili/o reces(s)it in pace et v(i)x(it) / annis LXXV / depositus est / die XVII Ka(lendas) Iulias

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