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Exile Cases

Exile Exile Date Sent From Went To Returned Relationships Office Sources
Eunomius of Cyzikus (male) mid fourth century, died c. 395 (from: --/--/335 to: --/--/395)
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358-360 (from: --/--/358 to: --/--/360) Antiochia/Theoupolis [Antakya] Midaion [Karahöyük] n/a
Basilius of Ancyra
  • Bishop (358)
Constantius II
  • Emperor (358)
Maris of Chalcedon
  • Bishop
Eudoxius of Antioch
  • Bishop (359)
Aetius of Antioch
  • (359)
Philostorgius, historia ecclesiastica 4.5, 4.8 Theodoret, historia ecclesiastica 2.27, p. 160-61 Sozomenus, historia ecclesiastica 4.13.5-6, p. 156 Gregory of Nyssa, contra Eunomium

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