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Exile Exile Date Sent From Went To Returned Relationships Office Sources
Ibas of Edessa (male) mid fifth century, died 28/10/457 (from: --/--/431 to: 28/10/457)
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449 - 451 (from: --/--/449 to: --/--/451) Edessa [Şanlıurfa] 20 different prisons, including one in Antioch [n/a] yes
Flavius Thomas Iulianus Chaereas
  • comes ordinis primi et praeses Osrhoenae (449)
  • (449)
  • (449)
Nonnus of Edessa
  • Bishop (449)
ACO 2.1:376, 2.5:117; Sacrosancta Concilia (Labbe) 4:634, 891, 917; Chronica Edessena LXVIII; Barhadbessaba Arbaia (Nau, PO 9, Fasc. 5); Acta Synodis Ephesinae IIB (Akten der ephesinischen Synode vom Jahre 449) , ed. J. Flemming, Berlin 1917, p. 21-69

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