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Macedonius II of Constantinople view the social network for this person / group

Gender male
Lifetime late fifth/early sixth century, died c. 517 (from: --/--/490 to: --/--/517)
Lifetime Notes
Biographical Notes
  • Exiles

    Exile 1

    Exile Date 511 - c. 517 (from: --/--/511 to: --/--/517)
    Sent From Constantinopolis [Istanbul]
    Exiled To Euchaita [Beyözü]
    Returned no
    Sources Theodorus (Anagnostes) Lector, historia ecclesiastica 492, 514 (GCS 53:139, 148); Marcellinus comes, chronica 511, 514 (MGH Auct. Ant. 11.2:97-8); Theophanes 6004 and 6008 (de Boor 154-156, 161-162); Zacharias, historia ecclesiastica 7.7 (CSCO 84:39-40, 87:26-28); Pseudo-Dionysius of Tel-Mahre, chronicon 3.9 (edited by Chabot, Incerti auctoris Chronicon Pseudo-Dyonisianum vulgo dictum. I-II, CSCO 91 and 121, Paris 1927-Louvain 1949); Evagrius, historia ecclesiastica 3.30-31; Chronicle of Zuqnin, Third part, 507-509 (Harrak, 44);