Exile Case

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Person/Group Faustus of Milevi ( view the social network for this person / group )
Exile Date 386 - ? (from: --/--/386 to: --/--/--)
Sources Augustinus, contra Faustum 5.8 (CSEL 25:280).

Locations view exile locations

Location of exile's previous office Carthago [Carthage]
Location exiled from Carthago [Carthage]
Location exiled to Island off the coast of Carthage? [Island off the coast of Carthage]
Location(s) arrived at Island off the coast of Carthage? [Island off the coast of Carthage]
Date of arrival 386 (from: --/--/386 to: --/--/--)
Relationship to location alien place
Type of location island
Reason for leaving n/a
Location(s) exile returned to
Location of office after return
Notes Augustine says he was banished to an island, but it is not clear where that island is.

Activities in Exile

Activities Related to Doctrine
Died in exile? unknown
Reason for death
Writings in Exile unknown

Legal details

Threat only no
Refuge from judicial proceedings no
Consequence of asylum no
Offenses exiled for/accused of Manichaeism
Legal type of exile relegatio
Additional punishments
Intended duration permanent
Actual duration unknown
Notes on core legal details relegatus
Returned? unknown
Reason for return
Deposed by synod? no
Synod deposed by
Returned by synod? unknown
Synod returned by

Religious status, office and affiliation

Religious status before exile lay
Religious status during exile ??
Religious status after return n/a
Clerical or ascetic office before exile
Clerical or ascetic office during exile
Clerical or ascetic office after return n/a
Enforced rank change? n/a
Notes on clerical and ascetic office teacher, Manichaen
Religious affiliation before exile Manichaean
Religious affiliation during exile Manichaean
Religious affiliation after return
Died in exile? unknown
Reason for death


Venerated as a saint? No
Date (from: --/--/-- to: --/--/--)
Cult site

Exile Relationships: Interactions


  • Interaction Date 386 (from: --/--/386 to: --/--/--)
    Interaction Location Carthago [Carthage]
    Office proconsul Africae
    Religious Affiliation (at time of relationship with exile)
    Religious Status (at time of relationship with exile) lay
    Relationship Quality conflict
    Responsible for exile (or exile threat)