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This browse area lists all persons and groups in the database in alphabetical order, whether they were exiled or just in contact with exiles. ‘Anonymous’ groups indicated by their size are listed first. Results display as a list of person/group records, each one of which you can then explore further. You will also be able to refine the list further and display statistical information through using the facets on the left hand side.

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Person/Group Name Gender Lifetime
Urbicius male early fifth century (from: --/--/404 to: --/--/404)
Ursicinus of Rome male late fourth century (from: --/--/355 to: --/--/381)
Uldida male late sixth century (from: --/--/588 to: --/--/588)
Urbanus of Girba male Mid fifth century (from: --/--/445 to: --/--/454)
Ursacius of Singidunum male mid fourth century (from: --/--/335 to: --/--/355)
Urbicus male mid fourth century (from: --/--/357 to: --/--/357)
Up to 15 bishops at the council of Arminium male mid fourth century (from: --/--/359 to: --/--/359)