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Paulinus of Trier view the social network for this person / group

Gender male
Lifetime mid fourth century, died (from: --/--/347 to: --/--/358)
Lifetime Notes
Reference PCBE 4, Paulinus 1, 1443-4
Biographical Notes
  • Exiles

    Exile 1

    Exile Date 354 (from: --/--/354 to: --/--/358)
    Sent From Col. Arelate [Arles]
    Exiled To Phrygia [Central Anatolia]
    Returned no
    Sources Hilarius of Poitiers, in Constantium 11 (SC 334:90); Athanasius, apologia ad Constantium 27 (SC 56:119); Athanasius, historia Arianorum 33-4 and 76.3 (Opitz 2:201-2 and 225); Hilarius of Poitiers, Fragmentum historiarum B I.6 (CSEL 65:102); Hilarius of Poitiers, textus narrativus (liber I ad Constantium) 3 (8) (CSEL 65:187); Faustinus et Marcellinus, libellus precum 21 and 77 (SC 504:128 and 180); Hieronymus, chronica, ann. 354 and 358 (Jeanjean-Lancon, 90 and 94); Prosper of Aquitaine, chronica 1090 (ann. 354) and 1102 (ann. 357) (MGH auct. ant. 9:455-6); Rufinus, historia ecclesiastica 10.20-21 (GCS 9.2:987-8); Sozomenus, historia ecclesiastica 4.9.3 (SC 418:218-20); Sulpicius Severus, Chronica 2.54.4 (SC 441:332); Martyrologium Hieronymianum, Acta Sanctorum Nov. 2.2:478;
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