Latitude 41.023019000000
Longitude 28.972982000000
Ancient Place Sykai
Modern Place Karaköy

Locations of Arrival (2)

Theodosius of Alexandria (male) mid sixth century, died 5/6/567 (from: --/--/536 to: 5/6/567)
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Ioannes of Hephaistopolis (male) mid sixth century (from: --/--/536 to: --/--/536)
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Locations after Return (1)

Theodosius of Jerusalem (male) mid fifth century (from: --/--/453 to: --/--/453)
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Locations of Exile Contacts (2)

Ioannes of Hephaistopolis with Theodosius of Alexandria in 536 (support)
Friends of Theodosius of Jerusalem with Theodosius of Jerusalem (support)